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We provide waste to energy solutions from second generation biomass sources



Our UCO is a composition of different mixtures of oil which are discarded from restaurants and industrial deep fryers.

This undergoes intense dewatering and filtration from sludge.

The types of oil mixture comprising our supply standard used cooking oil such as canola oil, sunflower oil, palm , soybean oil etc.

Origin – China , Taiwan , Indonesia , Australia


Palm Acid Oil (PAO) is a by product from the refining process of palm oil.

This is a true waste product taken form the waste ponds of the Crude palm Oil Mill.

The properties totally depend on the extraction method and the timing of extraction.

Origin – Indonesia


Biodiesel can be used in pure form (B100) or may be blended with petroleum diesel at any concentration in most injection pump diesel engines

Biodiesel refers to a vegetable oil or animal fat-based diesel fuel consisting of long-chain alkyl (methyl, ethyl, or propyl) esters.

It is typically made by chemically reacting lipids (e.g., vegetable oil, animal fat (tallow) with an alcohol producing fatty acid esters.