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Palm Acid Oil

Our operations extend throughout Indonesia with facilities in Lampung and Semarang. We are direct Suppliers who is involved in the collection, processing, storing and exporting.


We control and supervise the complete operation and process including:

* Contractual arrangements with oil refineries for the waste oil collections

* Collection and transport of PAO to warehouse

* Processing at our warehouses

* Quality control & testing facilities

* Loading into containers with flexi tanks

* Export documentation to international buyers

Palm Acid Oil (PAO) is a byproduct from the chemical refining of palm oil.


The main uses of PAO are:

* Biodiesel Production

* Animal feeds

* Soap manufacture

* Chemical manufacture

* Used for direct burning in power stations


Typical Specifications:

Free fatty Acid content (FFA) = between 30-70% Moisture & Impurities (M&I) = less than 3% Total Fatty matter (TFM) = minimum 95% Colour = orange to brown Consistency = semi liquid Packaging – 20 ft containers with Flexitanks or Bulk

Supply ability – we can supply both small and large amounts in flexitanks , also for large quantities in bulk