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Services – China

Sourcing Reputable companies


Selecting a reputable trading supplier is not easy, so in order to minimize the risk we assist by offering the following;

  • Validation of potential suppliers
  • Details of potential suitable suppliers with company information
  • Details of companies ISO certification and testing certification
  • Samples
  • Quotes, including tendering your product and negotiate pricing on your behalf

Due Diligence


In choosing a trading partner it is vital to ensure you know and understand the company that you are dealing with.

We offer the following reports as part of the process to ensure that you are more comfortable in making the correct decision;

  • Company Assessment
  • Factory Assessment
  • Factory Audit
  • Credit Report

Logistics & Warehouse Facilities


As part of our service we also offer a full door to door service which includes arranging freight and transport etc direct to your premises plus storage if required.


Order Management


By Inter-Trade Solutions taking over the management of your current suppliers we manage the issues of ensuring that you receive your products exactly what you ordered , on time and at the right price.

Market Research


We offer a full report for companies looking to take the next step and export their products to China including the following;

  • Current Competition
  • Potential Risks
  • Opportunities
  • Industry Potential
  • Market Visit
  • Facilitate Meetings and Negotiations

Inspection / Quality Assurance


To ensure that your products are manufactured to the highest quality and standard continually we offer the following;

  • Factory Report and Profile
  • Security Procedures
  • QA Procedures
  • Supplier Management
  • Inspection during Production
  • Pre-shipping Inspection

Joint Ventures


As an option we provide assistance to companies looking to find potential joint venture partners in China.

We can source potential reputable companies and provide a full report and assessment, arrange travel to china and meet with potential companies, arrange inspections of factory and manufacturing facilities, provide translators, facilitate meetings and negotiations.


This information is current as at August 2014 and relates to China only.